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The Why and Why Not of Custom Applications

Why Choose the Custom Route? Custom software gives competitive advantage, enabling a company to innovate business processes, reduce labour overhead and build barriers to competition. Companies go down the ‘custom applications’ route for two main reasons: They cannot find commercial off-the-shelf software (‘COTS’) which closely fits their needs and that usually means additional spend on adapting it (if that is... Read more

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Offshore Development – Why Choose Us?

Choosing a supplier to deliver an offshore software build has many risks inherent – not least the issues of identifying a suitable supplier and then ensuring that an enforceable contract can be put in place – and that is even before any analysis and design work has commenced.... Read more

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Managing Risks

Managing the Five Main Risks of Offshore Software Development Projects

You’ve heard that using an offshore software development team can save you a lot of money on development. That may be so when things go really well but that’s an exception unless you manage the risks properly. What are the main risks, and how can you mitigate them?... Read more

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