Custom Applications

Our business model uses technology-specific offshore Strategic Development Partners and UK onshore Analyst/Designers. Our development resources are practically unlimited – India turns out more IT graduates in a month than the UK does in a year. Our strategic focus is on custom software applications and not on selling COTS software licences – we are independent of any software author.

Custom development gridJust like bespoke tailoring of clothes, a custom application will fit perfectly, but more than that it can have functionality which is ready to grow and change in the way a business is already planning, whereas Custom Off the Shelf Software (‘COTS’) is always playing catch-up or holding back business change – in fact, usually both together.

Business Protection

Innovative processes or services can often be protected by barriers to entry using custom software applications. Why use COTS and make it easy for the competition?

All enhancements to COTS software are shared across its user community. Requesting innovative changes to COTS software is giving away ideas to the competition.

A Specialist Business Model

Designing and building custom software requires great skill and experience on the part of the vendor. Vendors who build custom applications as a side-line to selling (as agents) COTS software tend to lose focus as the pressure of meeting quarterly sales targets draws management and resources away to closing the next deal and from adapting the COTS software. We have seen this set-up many times over – several of our people have worked for such companies which lack strategic focus on custom applications.

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