Offshore Projects

There are many challenges to managing offshore projects, but the key principles are based on managing the risks – no surprises there. Managing the delivery layers effectively is one of our core competencies. Our clients do not have to be concerned with the risks inherent in managing software development teams based half a world away. We take care of that.Virtual team meeting image

Two Management Interfaces

There are two key management interfaces:

  • The interface between the UK client and the contracted UK onshore development company (such as Sequential Software Solutions).
  • The interface between the UK onshore development company and the offshore team.

Our clients only have to deal with us, directly, onshore in the UK. We take care of everything else and manage the offshore risk.

Not All Firms can Manage Offshore Projects Effectively

Most reasonably able people can learn the theory from books and video tutorials but the real lessons come from experience. Just as in managing onshore projects, experience is essential, and needs to be founded on proven project management capability. After all, not everyone is capable of being a good project manager – and not all project managers can manage offshore projects.

The layered delivery model of offshore projects requires high capability and experience. We have that here at 3S.