Our Mission

At 3S, our mission is simple:

‘To deliver to UK SMEs all the value-for-money benefits of offshore software development by acting as a one-stop shop for offshore services, managing offshore developers, risk and quality, with full contractual responsibility’.

What this means for UK SMEs

A UK based enterprise can engage us to deliver a custom software application developed offshore but with the typical offshoring challenges being handled by us. These challenges include contractual risk, culture and language issues, practical multi-time zone project management and quality assurance.

What we do is:

  • Analyse the business requirement for a specific custom system
  • Develop the design
  • Instruct one of our offshore partners to carry out the development work
  • Manage the development, ensure risks are controlled and quality standards are achieved
  • Install the application for acceptance testing
  • Provide training and support post-implementation

We work with all leading software technologies and infrastructures – hybrid systems are a fact of life today and enable our clients to enjoy the ‘best of breed’ technology for a given application area.