Our Experienced Team

Founded and led by John Beattie, Sequential Software Solutions (‘3S’) has a network of offshore strategic software development partners across a wide range of technologies. Onshore we have a team of analysts and project managers with outstanding professional experience in software development spanning complex custom systems, who work directly with our clients in the UK.


John B has a track record of over 20 years with the greater part spent delivering systems developed offshore, principally in the Indian sub-continent. Systems have ranged up to several hundred users in size, across a disparate range of technologies. This means that we have no technical preference driven by partnerships with companies such as Microsoft – we are free to recommend the best of breed to suit a client’s requirements. Of course, if a client has a specific technology infrastructure requirement, then we can satisfy that.

Paul B is a Senior Business Analyst with more than ten years frontline responsibility delivering critical technical systems in different industry sectors including governPaul B picment, retail banking, publishing, pharmaceutical, utility and distillery companies. Paul is results driven, focused on profitability, efficiency, service and customer satisfaction; he has highly developed communication skills adaptable to all audiences with his friendly, approachable style enabling him to convey complex ideas in a simplistic, easy to understand manner which bridges the IT to business language gap. He is well used to explaining his concepts and designs to our offshore development partners and ensuring that solutions are optimized for our clients.

Phil M has over 30 years of custom software project management develoPhil portraitpment background across all the major software technologies in use today. He has worked with software development teams in Russia, the US, Scandinavia and the Indian sub-continent; sector experience spans manufacturing and distribution, banking and financial services, nuclear power utilities, e-commerce and professional services.


Offshore, John B has built a network of tried and trusted Strategic Development Partners across a portfolio of the leading software technologies, principally in the Indian sub-continent.