Project Management

A key ingredient to our track record of success is our project management capability, with well over 50 years relevant experience across our senior managers.

Two Key Project Management Interfacesfotolia_48280280

There are two key project management interfaces:

  • The interface between the UK client and Sequential Software Solutions, onshore in the UK. Our client works with our nominated engagement partner who is responsible for delivery of the solution to the client and schedules and manages our Analyst/Designers as required, manages actual delivery and acceptance testing, and obtains final sign-off when the client is satisfied. The communications/interface risk is eliminated for the client because we are a UK company and all communication across this interface is local, onshore and face to face. We work directly with a client’s stakeholders or through their project manager as required. It couldn’t be simpler.
  • The interface between the UK onshore development company and the offshore team. We handle all cross border communications and that eliminates the second risk for a client, so there is no painful learning curve for them to go through. We work directly with the development team leader in the offshore team, managing time zone issues and virtual meeting technology, collaboration software and test environments. We know our partners and they know us, so there are no painful ramp-up periods needed to build effective working relationships. This interface is completely invisible to our clients.

We specialise in custom software applications and our project management service is staffed by long-term project management specialists who have delivered most kinds of custom software applications using a very wide range of technologies.

Our methodology experience includes: Agile/Scrum, JAD, DSDM, RUP, Prince II and Waterfall, so we can work with a client in whatever project management framework is nominated.