Offshore Development – Why Choose Us?

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Choosing a supplier to deliver an offshore software build has Outsourcing graphicmany risks inherent – not least the issues of identifying a suitable supplier and then ensuring that an enforceable contract can be put in place – and that is even before any analysis and design work has commenced.

Extensive Offshore Development Experience

3S is UK based and is run by a team which has considerable experience of managing cross-border, cross-cultural custom software development teams. Over many years 3S has built up a network of trusted overseas software development partners across a wide range of software technologies.

UK Company, UK Contract

By engaging with us a company immediately eliminates the risks inherent in overseas supplier selection and management, and has a UK contract with a UK supplier. The buck stops with us.

Cost Savings

The cost-savings associated with offshore development are still available- but with a very high degree of delivery assurance.

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