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How We Work

Our team brings extensive offshore custom development experience and a background in solid project management techniques. Our methodology combines all this knowledge and experience into an effective delivery process.


Even before we engage with a client the first key step is to establish an effective working relationship and understand precisely what the client requires in terms of the application.

Our business analysts scope the work required and prepare an outline design, factoring in specific technology requirements. On that basis we can then agree a budget and outline project plan as part of the formal engagement.

Engaging with a Client

Once we are formally engaged, we carry out further analysis and design work (if necessary). It is important to note that our business analysts work onshore, with a client’s team, face to face. This is a key differentiator that we offer.

In some cases the client will have undertaken the business analysis and design work already, and uses us as an offshore development team.

Then, depending on the technology requirement we select one of our strategic offshore development partners and brief them.

Project Management and Building the Application

We are responsible for the entire development process, managing the building and testing of the custom application by our offshore team, ensuring that quality and performance criteria are satisfied.

Our project manager controls the project and monitors risks continually.

Communications and Feedback

During the whole process our client manager provides regular project reports and feedback to our client, who will have an active part to play (for example in providing design approvals, test data and so on) right up to and during User Acceptance Testing before final handover and Go Live.

A Proven Process

Our team has successfully followed this process many times across multiple projects and widely varied technologies. It assures delivery of high quality custom applications – on time and on budget.